Digital Print

Digital Printing has revolutionised the art of textile printing, particularly with the latest improvements in technology, including better print heads and advance in pigment based inks.  

At Cadworks we like to combine the care and attention of traditional printing, with digital print capabilities.  We believe digital printing offers the following benefits:

  • Quality - it enables precise reproduction of designs with superior vibrant colours. We can consistently colour match to paint, other fabrics and soft furnishings.
  • Speed - from file to print the process is more streamlined and minimal set up time allows for faster production turnaround.
  • Short Print Runs - gives more freedom for business' and customers to produce what they need.
  • Flexibility - in design and production, offering the opportunity to combine several designs or colourways in one print run.
  • Short Lead Times - with more effective print management we can offer shorter lead times than most traditional printers.  Our lead times are typically 5-10 days.